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How many hours should I book?

Depending on the style of music, or if this is your first time booking with us, recording a song can range from 2-4 hours or longer depending on what all is involved. Other factors such as arranging , editing, & helping with songwriting can take time. We take pride in our work and really want to make sure we get great performances & quality takes from every artist we work with. 


Does the hourly rate come with mixing?

When you book time with us , you can use the time to record, & mix. If you plan to record a song and have it fully mixed the same day, we recommend booking at minimum 4 hours. 



How many people can I bring to a session?

Studio A can accommodate 5-6 people comfortably. 

Studio B can accommodate 2-3 people comfortably 



Does the studio allow smoking?

We are 420 friendly & allow smoking in the control room only. Because of the microphones we do not allow smoking in the booth of any kind. This includes vape pens, joints, bowls , etc. We do not allow cigarette smoking in the building or cigars.



How should I prepare for a studio session?

When booking your first session, we recommend to show up 10 min early, Bring a flash drive or email any audio files you plan to use to the engineer. You’re more than welcome to email the files prior to the session. The engineer can download your files and have them ready for the session. Having your lyrics ready & rehearsed can also save time. If you like to write in the session that is fine too. 



If I book a half day or full day is there a discount in price?

Yes, If you book 5 hours or more the hourly rate will be discounted $5 which is reflected in the price when booking



What if I recorded a song at another studio, Can it be mixed at HKStudios?

Yes, If your record at home, or at another studio, you can send us the raw audio files (we recommend WAV files to ensure the highest quality results) or a Protools session.  The mix can be booked with the artist attending or unattended . We recommend sending us a bounced reference version of the song being mixed, and any specific notes/requests.



What forms of payment does HKStudios accept

We accept cash, credit/debit, Zelle, PayPal, cash app, Apple Pay , & Venmo 

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